Avoid Major Structural Damage

Avoid Major Structural Damage

See why you should schedule termite control services in Terrell, TX & surrounding areas right away

Mr. Bug Man Pest Control provides termite control services in Terrell, TX and surrounding areas. If you’ve noticed signs of termites in your home, call us immediately.

It can be difficult to detect termites. A termite infestation that grows and runs rampant for an extended amount of time can lead to major issues. You might have a termite problem if you’re noticing:

  • Piles of termite droppings
  • Presence of termite wings
  • Sagging floors
  • Small holes in drywall
  • Maze-like patterns in furniture

We use Subterfuge termite bait traps made by BASF, a trusted international chemical company, to eliminate termites efficiently. Our termite treatment methods are proven to get rid of the termites in your home and prevent them from returning in the future. Call 214-884-9748 today to discuss your termite infestation concerns with an exterminator.

Check out these helpful termite facts

Mr. Bug Man Pest Control tackles termite control work in the Terrell, TX & surrounding areas. You should schedule termite treatment services right away if you notice termites on your property because a termite colony can:

  • Eat about a pound of wood in a day
  • Cause major structural damage
  • Lead to allergic reactions and an unhealthy living environment

Schedule termite extermination services now by contacting us at 214-884-9748.